A Bad Water Deal

Proposition 3 is an irresponsible approach to California’s water problems.

Tax funds should be used for projects that will benefit taxpayers, not billionaires. The proponents of Proposition 3 have added wasteful items to attract rich investors to help support the campaign who will ultimately profit from the nearly $8.9 billion bond at the taxpayers’ expense. This is unacceptable.

Oppose Prop 3


Prop 3 is a wasteful bond that:



Continuously appropriates all the funds. There will be no annual budgeting from the legislature.



Robs billions of dollars of the public's tax money to pay for water supply projects that benefit industrial agricultural operations.


removes accountability

Does not allow for meaningful review of whether the spending complies with the bond’s stated priorities.

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Raids funds intended for reducing climate pollutants, building affordable housing and transit, and reducing wildfire risk and gives it to large water agencies.


Some of the projects funded by this bond could worsen environmental quality. The bond lacks proper language to prevent all activities that could harm the environment. It has no prohibitions on new dams for all funds or protections from potential harms to wildlife habitat and forest ecosystems.

Californians can do better than this corporate giveaway. We can create a better bond through a public legislative process that addresses long-term water issues, including providing drinking water for disadvantaged communities and climate change adaptation, without robbing everyday Californians for gifts to billionaires.

Sierra Club California, Friends of the River, League of Women Voters of California, Save The American River Association  and Southern California Watershed Alliance oppose Proposition 3.


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